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An array of some of the graduating class of Blacksburg Highschool's senior class of 1922. There is serious damage to the piece with cracking, peeling, and what appears to be water damage. Names of some of the people photographed are on the back,…

A Postcard with a photo of VPI students at a Methodist church. On the back of the postcard is a short piece by the methodist church and the "Young Peoples Epworth League," with information on the "League for Students," meeting time and the preaching…

This is a class photo of Miss Laura Miller's second and third grade class, as written on the back of the photo. the picture is framed but with no information as to when the photo was taken or where beyond context clues. The backing was solid and…

A Photo of a football game in Miles Stadium.
This photo has very frayed edges with misshapen edges. There is cracks and scratches all over the photo with most of them most visible on the back.

A photo of a football game being played by the VPI football team against "W+L" according to the panel beside the photo with the scores listed as "VPI 28. W+L 0." The photo and panel were attached to a backing that is severely damaged and has bits of…
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