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A photo of the old Virginia Agriculture and Mechanical Building. This Picture itself appears to have aged with the colors slowly matching each other until it has become various colors of Tan. The Picture was placed on a hard backing that has begun to…

A detailed year book for the 1973 school year, titled as the "1973 Pow Wow." The sections are listed as: Academics (page 16 - 37), Students (page 38-123), Activities (page 124-185), Athletics (page 186-221), Ads (page 222-244), and Index (page 245-…

Souvenir program for the town of Blacksburg's Bicentennial celebration. This program includes events, advertisements, and information about Blacksburg and the celebration of the bicentennial.

A personal thanks for the flowers to the BHS class of 1960 for Raynard Hale's funeral. The letter was printed on cardstock that is decorated with simple lines and artistic shapes with the personal message written on one page and a printed saying on…

The pamphlet is a two sided piece of paper that was folded in half. In order to scan the object, the paper was flattened and scanned. The first page of the scan has Psalm 23, and the other half of the page had the service information from Raynard…

This Letter from Bernell to Rosemary talks about helping pay for flowers, while being floral in its designs.

Obituary of Raynard Taylor Hale

A Brochure celebrating the birthday of Raynard T. Hale's 86th Birthday.

Pamphlet describing the events for Raynard Taylor Hale's funeral. The pamphlet includes the Hymn of Promise and a short literary piece titled My Grayson Country Home," followed by a thank you to participants of the funeral.
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