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An array of some of the graduating class of Blacksburg Highschool's senior class of 1922. There is serious damage to the piece with cracking, peeling, and what appears to be water damage. Names of some of the people photographed are on the back,…

This Pamphlet describes the events for the centennial celebration of the towns founding. The pamphlet is a loose binding of white paper with the cover made of dark royal blue/purple paper all bound together with a gold rope.

Cover - Dark royal…

This American football program from the 1989 match between the Blacksburg high school "Indians", and the Christiansburg high school "Demons", provides a variety of ads from the businesses in the area that were aimed for Blacksburg citizens in…

This scan is of a collection of diary entries typed up on stapled printer paper from Dr. John Samuel Apperson. These papers are personal accounts of the days of John Apperson and show a good amount of personal reflections on his day to day.

This paper describes the reason that Virginia Tech and their sports teams are called "Gobblers." According to this piece the reason is that a young man, Floyd Meade, that was the football teams Mascot, taught the "largest turkey in Montgomery County"…

A series of 3 photos that have a descriptor page with them to help identify the individuals and title each photo:
"Hanging out - Class of '57
Helen Webb -(Teske)
Judy Torrey -(Nealy)"
{crossed out} Wareta "Waller (Tnoll)

2. Om the…
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