Blacksburg Highschool Pictures 2019.01.25

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Blacksburg Highschool Pictures 2019.01.25


3 photos of Highschool students.


A series of 3 photos that have a descriptor page with them to help identify the individuals and title each photo:
"Hanging out - Class of '57
Helen Webb -(Teske)
Judy Torrey -(Nealy)"
{crossed out} Wareta "Waller (Tnoll)

2. Om the Phone
Lee Hambert
Tommy Hypes
Leonard Jenelle
3. Blacksburg High School Parade
Mary Louise Suthin = Sutphin"
{faded} "Mildred Love
Ginger Linbous"
written on stationary from Taylor Office Supply reading:
"Taylor Office Supply" with their logo behind this
"Radford, Va 24143
Phone: (540) 639 9696
FAX: (540) 639-06985"

Hanging out - Class of '57
The first photo is of 3 female and one male individual with the male and one of the females standing in the foreground, separated from the two others by a service window that the male is sitting in looking at them as they look back at him with smiles, while the female beside him looks off screen to the left side of the photo smiling.

Om the Phone (likely a typo, but it appears to be written as "Om", not "On")
The second photo is of 5 individuals around a table with papers and a telephone on the table. In the front left of the photo is a female in a bright white shirt, wearing glasses and appearing to be reading something in a book. Behind this first individual is a male, leaning against the wall in the back left corner staring right at the camera. A male In the middle of the photo appears to be looking at a framed item in darker clothing. In front of the individual looking at the framed item is a male in a plaid shirt that appears to be on the phone while looking into the camera with a smile. To the right and slightly behind the individual on the phone is a female that appears to be smiling and taking notes on a notepad while looking into the camera.

Blacksburg High School Parade
The third photo is of a Parade, according to the note attached. the photo has a crowd of individuals saluting the camera while holding a variety of 2 letter combinations, likely initials. there is a car in the left with two individuals sitting on the hood. A white, seemingly fluffy barrier is in the front of the crowd. A blurry individual walks in the front left covering what appears to be a football player as well as other decorations for the parade.


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